Expert Translation by an Experienced Cross-Border Attorney

In the legal field, every word counts

Take advantage of our years of law practice experience to make sure that your legal translation is accurate, readable, and professional. We understand the process of drafting, reviewing, and translating contracts, press releases, securities filings, and other legal documents.

Law firms and fellow legal professionals can be confident that we understand the nuts and bolts of a legal document, and we can speak “lawyer-to-lawyer” about the objective of the translation project and the intended use of our work product.

Built-in Native Checking

Each of our translations is written by a native speaker of English and proofread by a native speaker of Japanese, eliminating the need for costly proofreading services. We produce polished and idiomatic documents in only a fraction of the time that a single individual would normally take.

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** We are confident that you will agree that our legal experience and knowledge set us apart from the other legal translators, but we must remind you that we are not providing legal services or advice, practicing law, serving as your lawyer, serving as anyone else’s lawyer, etc. Contacting or hiring us does not create a lawyer-client relationship of any kind whatsoever. But we’d be happy to shoot the breeze about your favorite legal topic!